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Becoming a Kindermusik Educator

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

What does it mean to be a Kindermusik Educator?

[AKA: What are the qualifications of this person teaching my child?]

You're an awesome parent, and you want the best for your family. There are so many educational opportunities for your child and a ton of advertising coming your way.

Why choose Kindermusik? I'm so glad you asked!

To become a Kindermusik educator, you go through a pretty strenuous educational process:

+ To begin with, most Kindermusik educators already have a bachelors degree of some kind, and many of us even have masters degrees as well as backgrounds in music.

+ A Kindermusik educator must be passionate about children, families, and know the life-changing power of music.

+ Following an in depth application process and interview, all educators must pass a background check and singing test before moving on to a 12 week online course focusing on Kindermusik principles and early childhood development.

+ Then we meet up face-to-face for a three day (30 hour) intensive in teaching, business skills, and more development.

+ The final portion of our education before certification is a four-week "practicum" class where we test what we've been learning with real families and refine our skills.

Throughout the practicum, our Kindermusik coaches (who are master educators with over 20 years of experience) review our work and give us feedback.

All of our work must be rated at 100% before moving on to licensing! From start to finish, it's about an 8 month intensive process.

For me, personally, the process of becoming a Kindermusik educator has been like coming home to myself. Singing and making music is a spiritual cornerstone of my life, and it had been missing for a few years. Being able to combine my passion for children and families with music and singing is the perfect synthesis of the gifts I've been given to share with the world.

So why should you choose Kindermusik? Because you can trust that your Kindermusik educator has excellent training and education, and that the Kindermusik program is simply the best investment you can make in your child's early development!

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