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Walkers/1 year old


18 month - 3 years old


All Ages!

A note about ages: Kindermusik is beneficial for all children no matter their age or ability. The suggested ages listed refer to a child's developmental age, not their physical age. If you're not sure which class would be best for your child,

please feel free to contact McKinna! 


(Cuddle & Bounce)

Foundations class is for babies as little as a few weeks old up to the time they start walking confidently. This class will:

  • strengthens bonds between you and your child

  • creates incredible developmental opportunities while your child's brain is growing the most

  • benefits all areas of your child's learning- physical, mental, social, emotional, and musical!

  • strong foundation for future musical activity

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4:30pm Foundations (0-1)

5:30pm All Ages (0-6)


8:30am Foundations (0-1)

9:30am Level 1 (1-2)

11:00am Level 2 (1.5-3)


(Sing & Play)

Level 1 class is for children age 1-2, or confident walkers. This class will:

  • encourages your child's sense of discovery and play

  • builds their confidence as leaders in their own learning

  • builds on previous Kindermusik experiences to help them find a steady beat, move to the music, and begin to learn good classroom skills

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(Wiggle & Grow)

Level 2 class is for children 18 months - 3 years old. This class will:

  • encourages toddlers to initiate their own ideas

  • nurture their social and emotional growth

  • encourage cognitive development in a playful and safe environment

  • continue to foster a life long love for music!

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All Ages!

The All Ages class is for children up to age 6. This class will include activities that are easily adaptable for the age of the child, and is a great choice for families with multiple children and time for only one class. It's also a perfect class for one of your unlimited make-ups! 

This class will:

  • nurture a sense of care and community among children of many ages

  • provide a bonding experience for families

  • create an environment of innovation and delight!

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